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15-Aug-2016 14:58

She shared to the chocolates from Serbia to the group of Dubrovnik children on the occasion of Dubrovnik Defenders day.When Pascal Tang visited Croatia this summer for the first time with his best friends, he never thought he would become national news.He has threatened legal action against the artist and HAU, accusing both of entrapment.The artist maintains the project stoked a necessary debate on privacy and identity online.Croatian president must promote Croatian products and it will not happen again.We will apologize to parents and we will send Croatian products – said Grabar Kitarovic.What you'll do Uber is an equal opportunity employer and enthusiastically encourages people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to apply.An art project in Berlin based on the gay chat app @Grindr has set off a debate over the online privacy of geo-location dating services, and the effect they might be having on their users.

Hebel am Ufer (HAU), a state-funded theater which sponsored Verhoeven's project, later held two town hall-style meetings to discuss the merits and failings of the project. An American in his 20s who went over to Verhoeven's cube shortly after it opened became particularly irate when he saw his chat messages and photos being read by the assembled crowd.

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