Dating a guy who plays video games

19-Jun-2016 05:56

I’m no expert about at what point this change is supposed to happen, but if you are interested in a guy and he cancels getting together with you because he has to meet up with his buddhies to play World of Warcraft (Wo W), then you have a guy who plays video games too much.

I truly hope that you never learn about Wo W, for it is a death knell for a relationship (just as Dungeons and Dragons was for an earlier generation).

Seems like a double-edged sword: how do you present yourself in whole honestly without deterring those who will most likely disdain certain interests you may have? It actually tells me you can move your finger and hands in more than one direction. When you're 45 or so, most every 45-year-old will still play video games and watch anime from time to time. I had my profile reviewed and some lady told me that my interest in video games, drawing comics, and the WWE made me sound like a 12 year old!!

How many times do guys put up with their women hooked totally on soap operas and romance novels but we guys put up with it and why?

Because it is part of the things our women do and it is their hobby obviously or if those same women collect shoes or clothing or drag home endless amounts of junk from yard sales it is no different.

I brought it up last night saying it bothers me because when I talk to him on Skype, I want to be able to see him and actually talk to him without him being so distracted.

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I proposed that he is welcome to play his games any time he wants, and he can call me to talk when he doesn't, that way we keep the two separate. He also said "when you move back here, I promise I will never do that, like you sitting next to me and me playing games, it's just I want to play them and this is the only time I have to play and to talk to you." I feel bad because I know he has little free time (he works a lot) so I don't want to take away his games/hobbies from him.

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