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, 6/3, inspire trigger, 7/3, hit face, 7/2, 23 hpt6: Captain Greenskin, enough weapon damage to kill. Okay, it can be removed, but it slows opponent down, and that's okay too.

And it can live, since you can do t2: Fiery War Axe, 3/2, hit board, 3/1t3: Orgrimmar Aspirant, 3/1, hit board, breakt4: Fiery War Axe, inspire trigger 4/2, hit board, 4/1t5: double Upgrade!

I decided to search for places with high density of mobs which I can kill and drop [Linen Cloth].

As an orc, you won't have to play for very long before you're able to make a pilgrimage to Orgrimmar, the orc capital.

Heroic opens on the 17th (requiring a Garrosh kill on normal to unlock it), along with Flex wing 2, the Gates of Retribution, and LFR opening wing 1.

This keeps the previous intention of unlocking Flex faster than LFR and staggers the normal and heroic releases as we saw in previous raids this expansion.

And Blizzard has just revealed the release schedule for the raid as a whole.

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Next week, on September 10th, we get normal mode opening and Flex Raiding opens wing 1, the Vale of Eternal Sorrows.

Unfortunately, this place only works for Alliance players or level 85 Horde players.

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